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GetHeroes is a provider of online advertising services, carried out between Clients ("Contractor") and Service Providers ("Providers"), through the application and the GetHeroes website ("Platform"). Through these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"), GetHeroes presents users in general, Contractors and Providers (all together called "Users") the essential conditions for using the services offered on the Platform. When using the Platform or using the services offered by GetHeroes, Users accept and submit to the conditions of these Terms and the Privacy Policies, as well as to all documents attached to them.

OBJECT The services covered by these Terms consist of: Allow Contractors to use the Platform to freely and without direction or interference to seek quotes from Providers; Enable direct contact between Providers and Contractors interested in purchasing the Services, through the disclosure of contact information from one party to the other. GetHeroes, therefore, allows Users to contact and negotiate with each other directly, without intervening in contact, negotiation or in the execution of business, not being, in this capacity, a supplier of any Services advertised by its Users on the Platform. As a classified Service, GetHeroes does not impose or interfere in any negotiation on condition, value, quality, form or term in the contracting between Contractors and Providers, nor does it guarantee the quality, or delivery of the Services contracted between Users. When registering, the User will be able to use all the services available on the Platform available for his region, declaring, therefore, to have read, understood and accepted the Terms.

ABILITY TO REGISTER: GetHeroes services are available to individuals and legal entities regularly registered in the records of federal and state taxpayers who have the legal capacity to hire them. Therefore, people who do not have this ability, including minors or people who have been disabled from GetHeroes, may not use it, temporarily or permanently. It is prohibited to create more than one registration per User. In the event of a multiplicity of registrations made by a single User, GetHeroes reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without the need for prior consent of users or communication to Users, to disable all existing registrations and prevent any future registrations linked to them. It will only be allowed to link an email register, and there can be no duplication of data in any case. GetHeroes may unilaterally delete the registration of Users when it is verified that the User's conduct is or will be harmful or offensive to other Users, GetHeroes and its employees or third parties.

REGISTER It is necessary to complete all personal data required by GetHeroes at the time of registration, so that the User is able to use the Platform. It is the exclusive responsibility of the Users to provide, update and guarantee the accuracy of the registration data, and GetHeroes does not have any type of civil and criminal liability resulting from untrue, incorrect or incomplete data provided by the Users. GetHeroes reserves the right to use all valid and possible means to identify its Users, as well as to request additional data and documents that it considers to be relevant in order to check the personal data informed. If GetHeroes considers a registration, or the information contained therein, suspected of containing erroneous or untrue data, GetHeroes reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or definitively, the User responsible for the registration, as well as prevent and block any advertising or registration of Services and cancel ads published by the latter, without prejudice to other measures deemed necessary and timely. In the case of application of any of these sanctions, Users will not be entitled to any type of indemnity or compensation for losses and damages, loss of profits or pain and suffering. The User will access his account by means of a nickname (login) and password, committing himself not to inform third parties of this data, being fully responsible for the use made of them. The User undertakes to notify GetHeroes immediately, through the contact channels maintained by GetHeroes on the Platform, regarding any unauthorized use of his account. The User will be solely responsible for the operations carried out on his account, since access will only be possible through the use of a password of his exclusive knowledge. Under no circumstances will the assignment, sale, rent or other form of account transfer be permitted. It will not yet be allowed to create new registrations by people whose original registrations have been canceled due to violations of GetHeroes' policies. The nickname that the User uses in GetHeroes cannot be similar to the name GetHeroes. Nor can any nickname be used that suggests that the Services will be provided by GetHeroes or that are part of your promotions. Nicknames that are considered offensive or in violation of current legislation will also be eliminated. Providers are not permitted to introduce themselves to the Contractors as employees, service providers or contractors of GetHeroes. The Contractors understand that the Providers are not subordinated to GetHeroes in any way. GetHeroes reserves the right, unilaterally and without prior notice, to refuse any registration request and to cancel a previously accepted registration.

MODIFICATIONS OF THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS GetHeroes may change these Terms at any time and at its sole discretion. The new Terms will come into force 10 (ten) days after being published on the Platform. Within 5 (five) days from the publication of the changes, the User must inform, by e-mail, if he does not agree with the amended terms. In this case, the contractual link will cease to exist, as long as there are no open accounts or debts. If there is no manifestation within the stipulated period, it will be understood that the User has tacitly accepted the new Terms, and the contract will continue to bind the parties. The changes will not be effective in relation to negotiations between the Provider and the Contractor that have already started at the time such changes are published. Only for these, the Terms will be valid with the previous wording. The services offered by GetHeroes may be different for each region of the country. These Terms must be interpreted according to the region in which the Provider's registration was made.

ACCEPTANCE OF QUOTES In the Credit Usage Model, Contractors will provide basic information about the Services they intend to contract and quotes will be made available to Providers who will be able, freely, to choose whether they will have access to the Contractor's contact information. The Contractor's contact details will only be made available to the Provider after discounting a predetermined number of credits, which may be purchased by the Provider. The Provider acknowledges that, when using Credits to view the Contractor's contact details, he will only be paying to have access to this data, and cannot be responsible for GetHeroes for the failure of a possible negotiation with the Contractor, for whatever reason, including data outdated or incorrect registration details entered by the Employer.

PRIVACY OF INFORMATION All information or personal data provided by the User of GetHeroes are stored on servers or magnetic means of high security. GetHeroes will take all possible measures to maintain the confidentiality and security described in this clause, but will not be responsible for damage that may be derived from the breach of these measures by third parties using undue, fraudulent or illegal means to access the information stored on the servers or databases used by GetHeroes. GetHeroes may use and assign data provided by Users and information regarding the use of the platform, for any purpose, including, but not limited to, commercial, advertising, educational and journalistic purposes. GetHeroes will also be able to use the data of Users and Partners for analysis, studies, reporting, all as necessary for the smooth functioning and development of the platform and services offered. Users agree that their personal information will be sent to the other Party, Provider or Contractor, so that communication between the Parties is possible in the event of an attempt to contract the service. GetHeroes will collect information pertinent to transactions or other business conducted through GetHeroes and may use or disclose it for commercial purposes or to improve its functionality. GetHeroes does not have access to the content of calls or communications between Users. GetHeroes, for legal reasons, will keep in its database all information collected from Users who exclude their registration. Each User's nickname and password are used to guarantee privacy and security. GetHeroes recommends its Users not to share this information with anyone. GetHeroes is not responsible for damages or losses caused to the User by sharing this information. All information provided by Users to GetHeroes is protected by specialized companies. GetHeroes follows the security standards commonly used by companies that work with data transmission and retention to ensure the safety of its Users. However, no method of transmitting or retaining electronic data is fully secure and may be subject to external attacks. Thus, despite using all possible and appropriate means, GetHeroes cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information provided. GetHeroes collects and saves all information provided by its users when using its platform, including at the time of registration, for its own use and that of its business partners. The name, email and other data of the Users may be used to send notifications, information about the account or Services provided, notices about violations of the Term and other communications that GetHeroes deems necessary. Users may request GetHeroes to exclude them from their mailing list. GetHeroes will provide all the information requested by public agencies, as long as they are duly justified and compatible with the law in force. GetHeroes uses cookies and user monitoring software to provide its Users with the best possible navigation, based on their needs, and for internal searches. These cookies do not collect personal information, they only inform each user's usage and browsing preferences, in addition to providing GetHeroes with statistics and data to improve its services.

RATES Providers may purchase redeemable credits that will serve as the virtual currency used to activate the GetHeroes platform functionalities, mainly the access to the Contractor's contacts. Credits can be purchased online on the GetHeroes website or through the GetHeroes application. The price and availability of credits and quotes are subject to change without notice, and there may be dynamic variation based on factors such as location, type and quote offer. The Provider is solely responsible for verifying that the correct amount of credits has been added or deducted from his account during any transaction. It is the Provider's obligation to inform GetHeroes of any failure or error.

PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS GetHeroes.ie uses third party services, Stripe.ie (“Payment Gateways”) to collect and process payments and refunds. By using our service you agree to Stripe's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Any refund will be made in full amount less the payment gateway fees, e.g. You acquired something in the app and paid €100.00 euro, the refund will be €100.00 euro - (less/minus) the gateways fee for processing the payment transaction.

TERMINATION. Getheroes.ie may terminate your access to all or any part of our Services at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately once you get more than 3 Clients/Service provider's complains in less than 6 Months.